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Door Entry Systems

Whether you are unable to reach the front door quickly, or require comprehensive access control to your building, EMPRESS SECURITY has the door entry systems for you. 

We install and maintain functional, digital and video door entry systems.
These can be any size from a simple one-way system on a domestic property, to a multi-user panel in a large building. e.g. a block of flats or an office block. We design the system to the customer's specific needs.

The door entry system can be integrated into an automatic door system or a lock release or magnet.

Exisiting systems can be upgraded and replaced. An old existing panel can be replaced with a made to measure new panel, with minimum disruption.

We install Videx and other leading manufacturers of door entry equipment.

Installation Services

Complete Coverage

By conducting a site visit we are able to ensure that we only provide each customer with the exact product they need. Not only do we supply and then install our door entry systems, but we also provide any maintenance and repairs that may be necessary. Although we have a variety of products, we primarily use Videx™ and Bell™ systems as they are two of the most reliable and popular industry brands.

Providing Access Control

Ideal for both domestic and commercial properties, we are able to supply and install a buzzer-operated door. This means that the person looking to gain access must request entry by the buzzer. It is then up to the occupier whether or not they permit access by pressing a button that releases the automatic lock or magnet. Other options include Videx™ or PAC™ fob access installations and automatic swing doors.

Video and Audio Communication

Placed inside your property, an accompanying handset allows the homeowner to hear the door buzzer and communicate directly with the person trying to gain access. Alternatively, we will install a video intercom which allows you to see exactly who is at your door. Our customers have a range of handsets and intercoms to choose from, offering a variety of features. They will be fitted at the first point of access to the building, usually outside a main or individual door, as well as inside your property.

Contact us now, in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, to gain access control with our door entry systems.